-“A wild breath of fresh air from out of the ordinary, wrap your mind around this and it'll never be the same. Check it out.” — Midwest Record
-“Quite amazing, and surprisingly engaging” — allaboutjazz.com
-“Brown embraces both melodies and catchy rhythms to create music that is quite accessible yet almost impossible to imagine being performed.” — Scott Yanow, jazz journalist

Welcome to Derek Brown's official website, the home of BEATBoX SAX

Derek Brown has thrilled and enlightened audiences around the world with his ground-breaking "BEATBoX SAX" style, using innovative, mind-bending techniques to take the saxophone where it's never gone before!  Be sure to check out his popular Youtube music videos (over a million total views!), and please use the contact link to book Derek for your next festival or workshop.  


by Derek Brown

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Solo saxophone like you've NEVER heard it before!

  1. 1 Catch'em Up 02:30
  2. 2 Bach's Cello Suite No.1 01:19
  3. 3 Every Breath You Take 01:53
  4. 4 The People's Tune 02:56
  5. 5 Can't Help Falling In Love 02:18
  6. 6 What is Love 02:30
  7. 7 Chameleon 02:50
  8. 8 Human Error 02:08
  9. 9 Blueberry Jam 02:02
  10. 10 Air on the G String 02:24
  11. 11 Stand By Me 03:22
  12. 12 Uptown Funk 02:37
  13. 13 I Got Rhythm 02:46
  14. 14 Baby 02:27
Derek plays Legere Signature Series reeds (3s)

Derek plays the JodyJazz DV Tenor 8* mouthpiece

Derek plays the P.Mauriat System 76 - 2nd Ed. Tenor

Derek plays the BG Revelation Jazz Ligature

Derek uses the AKG C519 ML clip-on mic, and WMS 470 wireless system

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Upcoming BEATBoX SAX performances


Solo Performance

Dundee Jam Club, Náměstí Svobody 1626,, Kladno, Czech Republic


Solo Performance

Radniční náměstí (Town Hall Square), Masarykovo náměstí 89, Napajedla, Czech Republic


Solo Performance

Music club Bezvědomí, Jiráskova 6, Jihlava, Czech Republic


Belgrade SAXperience

Belgrade, Serbia

The Third International Saxophone Festival in Serbia