"3 Ways to Double Tongue" Clinic

Webex Video Conference Call

Advanced saxophone level recommended, but anyone is welcome to join! 90 minutes. $40 (USD). In this interactive clinic, Derek discusses and demonstrates his various approaches to double tonguing, which includes 3 completely different methods (such as flap tonguing and bite tonguing). Using the free Webex online conferencing platform, participants are encouraged to play along and ask questions throughout the clinic.

Upon purchasing a ticket, you will be given an electronic receipt with a link that both quickly downloads the free Webex webinar platform (similar to Zoom) and takes you to the meeting itself. Feel free to download the Webex software anytime beforehand (It’s a quick download) and then follow the link at or before 3:30PM EDT on the day of the clinic (Be sure to click "Join Meeting" and "Notify Host" if these come up).

Purchases are non-refundable. It is your responsibility to make sure your internet and computer set up can handle a live streaming webinar event. Please direct any technical questions to Webex.com (or Google!), as Derek will be unavailable to answer leading up to the event.

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