Recorded with the great Jeff Coffin (Dave Matthews Band and Bela Fleck and the Flecktones). It may very well be a historical first in the world of non-classical saxophone recordings: Two saxophones. No rhythm section. Full recording.

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Derek's Big Band Album

"All Figured Out"

Derek Brown and the Holland Concert Jazz Orchestra

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Digital Download or Autographed CD: Derek's 3rd studio album takes his signature "BEATBoX SAX" style to the contemporary big band setting. But this isn't your grandpa's jazz band! Composed and arranged by Derek, these 9 high-energy tunes blend Derek's love for exciting improvisation with the drive of an arena rock concert, all played by Michigan's finest: the Holland Concert Jazz Orchestra. (Digital Download consists of highest quality wav files)

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Reviews of "All Figured Out"

Jeff Coffin - Dave Matthews Band 

"Blending his insane techniques with the Holland Concert Jazz Orchestra gives Derek Brown a whole new platform to blow people's minds!


Top Releases of 2020 - All About Jazz (Gene Thackara) 


Kirk Whalum - Saxophonist

"The old jazz cats (of course including the lady cats!) used to walk the bar, come out into the audience, show some fancy footwork - dance moves… whatever it took to get folks to pay attention! A gimmick… is sometimes the best way to accomplish that. The point has always been & continues to be: “What do you have to say? How much of your heart may we take a peak into? Who are you, and can you answer that without ‘saying’ anything? How deep is your commitment to the ART of music, but also to bringing a smile to somebody who’s having it hard?” Derek Brown got our attention with some pretty outrageous (and artfully performed) antics! And now he answers the above questions in rare & exquisite style on All Figured Out, replete with some very impressive playing and lovely arrangements. We hear you Brother!"

 The result is as well-suited for easy listening as it might be for a packed arena, where highly composed melodic movements inevitably give way to monstrous jazz solos by Brown and company. There’s a lively energy and ambitious spirit filling the whole album, even its quietest moments...


 Dutcher Snedeker - Music Blogger/Musician

Derek Brown really outdid himself with All Figured Out. To take something so inventive and place it within a larger ensemble context really showcases his ability as a performer, arranger and composer. . . This is a new staple in the modern big band catalog and deserves all of the attention and programming!

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