Derek's Newest Album - NOW AVAILABLE!

"All Figured Out"

Derek Brown and the Holland Concert Jazz Orchestra

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Digital Download or Autographed CD: Derek's 3rd studio album takes his signature "BEATBoX SAX" style to the contemporary big band setting. But this isn't your grandpa's jazz band! Composed and arranged by Derek, these 9 high-energy tunes blend Derek's love for exciting improvisation with the drive of an arena rock concert, all played by Michigan's finest: the Holland Concert Jazz Orchestra. (Digital Download consists of highest quality wav files)

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A successful launch! Click image to watch the replay

A successful launch! Click image to watch the replay

Reviews of "All Figured Out"

Jeff Coffin - Dave Matthews Band 

"Blending his insane techniques with the Holland Concert Jazz Orchestra gives Derek Brown a whole new platform to blow people's minds!


Top Releases of 2020 - All About Jazz (Gene Thackara) 


Kirk Whalum - Saxophonist

"The old jazz cats (of course including the lady cats!) used to walk the bar, come out into the audience, show some fancy footwork - dance moves… whatever it took to get folks to pay attention! A gimmick… is sometimes the best way to accomplish that. The point has always been & continues to be: “What do you have to say? How much of your heart may we take a peak into? Who are you, and can you answer that without ‘saying’ anything? How deep is your commitment to the ART of music, but also to bringing a smile to somebody who’s having it hard?” Derek Brown got our attention with some pretty outrageous (and artfully performed) antics! And now he answers the above questions in rare & exquisite style on All Figured Out, replete with some very impressive playing and lovely arrangements. We hear you Brother!"

 The result is as well-suited for easy listening as it might be for a packed arena, where highly composed melodic movements inevitably give way to monstrous jazz solos by Brown and company. There’s a lively energy and ambitious spirit filling the whole album, even its quietest moments...


 Dutcher Snedeker - Music Blogger/Musician

Derek Brown really outdid himself with All Figured Out. To take something so inventive and place it within a larger ensemble context really showcases his ability as a performer, arranger and composer. . . This is a new staple in the modern big band catalog and deserves all of the attention and programming!

Derek's Second Studio Album - "FiftyFifty"

Derek's explosive 2nd album "FiftyFifty" is now available for download here (to the right), iTunes, and Amazon. Physical CDs (including autographed copies) can be ordered from the Store page.

"Truly amazing and creative.  Honestly, the epitome of creativity." - Jazz Sensibilities

If Derek Brown's first album "BEATBoX SAX," opened minds as to what can be done with one solo acoustic saxophone, his second ("FiftyFifty") takes off from there and never looks back! With new mind boggling techniques and tricks, along with some very special guests like Jeff Coffin and rapper Keith Harris, Derek's creative original songs and clever arrangements will have you both grooving and shaking your head in amazement. 


Derek Brown

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Derek's explosive 2nd solo studio album. No overdubs, no electronics, but a whole lotta mind-blowing music!

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