New Album "FiftyFifty" is Here!

Derek's explosive 2nd album "FiftyFifty" is now available for download here, iTunes, and Amazon. Physical CDs can be ordered at CD Baby

"Truly amazing and creative.  Honestly, the epitome of creativity." - Jazz Sensibilities

If Derek Brown's first album "BEATBoX SAX," opened minds as to what can be done with one solo acoustic saxophone, his second ("FiftyFifty") takes off from there and never looks back! With new mind boggling techniques and tricks, along with some very special guests like Jeff Coffin and rapper Keith Harris, Derek's creative original songs and clever arrangements will have you both grooving and shaking your head in amazement. 


Derek Brown

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Derek's explosive 2nd solo studio album. No overdubs, no electronics, but a whole lotta mind-blowing music!

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Derek's First Album "BEATBoX SAX"

Available for digital download here (to the right), iTunesAmazon, and cdbaby)

Solo saxophone like you've NEVER heard it before! Without any looping or electronic effects, Derek Brown performs intricate originals and a surprisingly wide range of old and new standards: everything from Bach to Bieber! In his bold new style, Derek simultaneously mixes dozens of classic saxophone extended techniques like slap tonguing, multiphonics, and double tonguing, as well as many of his own innovations like striking the sax with rings, singing lyrics while playing, and even putting an egg shaker in the horn. All of these elements work together to create a surprisingly full, polyphonic sound (percussion + bass lines + melodies) all with one traditionally monophonic instrument, the tenor sax. And it’s all done live without any looping!

Derek plays a P.Mauriat System 76 tenor, JodyJazz DV Tenor 8* mouthpiece, Legere Signature Series reeds (2 3/4s), and the BG Revelation Jazz Ligature.


Derek Brown

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Solo saxophone like you've NEVER heard it before!

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