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Derek's new big band album is now available! (see "Discography" for more)

Ground-breaking saxophonist, Derek Brown, has thrilled and enlightened audiences around the world with his ground-breaking "BEATBoX SAX" style, using innovative, mind-bending techniques to take the saxophone where it's never gone before!  Be sure to check out his popular Youtube music videos (over 8 million total views!), 3 studio albums, over 60 tutorials (see "BACKSTaGE PASS"), and sheet music. Don't forget to join the mailing list below, and feel free to hang out with Derek on Thursdays through his live stream (also see "BACKSTaGE PASS")

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"DV BEATBoX" Tenor Mouthpiece

Derek plays the brand new DV BEATBoX from JodyJazz, designed by Jody Espina, specifically for the Derek's unique playing style, combining the small tip opening and tighter control of a classical mouthpiece with the free-blowing power and edge of a metal jazz mouthpiece. Click on the photo to learn more!


Derek plays Legere Signature Series reeds (2.5 strength)

Derek plays the JodyJazz DV BEATBoX mouthpiece (tip opening 5)

Derek plays the P.Mauriat System 76 - 2nd Ed. Tenor

Derek plays the BG Duo Series ligature (soprano size)
Derek records with the OC818 and OC18 Austrian Audio microphones